About Us

Hotstar is a concept designed and developed by Martin Oliver...

Growing up, my Dad and Mums record collection was always to hand. The Beatles and The Stones in one hand, Abba and Glen Campbell in the other. These soon gave way to New Wave, Punk and Ska and with the help of John Peel, I found my own eclectic musical roots.

 My twenties were spent writing and playing music in partnerships and bands, being bitten by the music bug after a close up look at the big time via association with a top 15 hit making band sealed my fate.

 This led to a prolonged period of slipping demo tapes under the noses of A&R people at every opportunity whilst playing live and recording self-promoted material and working in song writing partnerships

A lot of my friends at the time were in the fledgling games industry and encouraged me to write the musical soundtrack and create sound effects for a game. By chance that game went to number one and a career in games took off.

After a 20 year stretch in the games industry, working with most of the major worldwide publishers including Disney, Activision and Square Ennix and some top class developers (MuckyFoot, Avalanche, Rebellion), that included designing the sound and composing the music to AAA games Urban Chaos, Startopia and Blade 2 and as the Head of Audio & Musical Director for Alien vrs Predator and Just Cause, I decided to pursue something a little more worthy and rewarding and go back to my music industry roots.

 Realising the emerging burgeoning sub mainstream music market, I took time out from my career to design Hotstar, an online platform that promotes unsigned and independent music. I wanted to design something that supports grass roots artists through a fair trade ethos, a formula to sell their music to put money back into developing more music, whilst expanding the music buying public’s awareness of different genres and cross pollinating fans of music from all around the world.

Thanks for taking time to find out more and I hope you'll join me in supporting unsigned & independent emerging musical talent.




  • Stealin: 60 + 50  
  • Never Good Enough: 5 + 5  
  • Ms Extra Credit: 5 + 5  
  • All We Have: 89 + 50  
  • Running To Your Door: 71 + 50  
  • Electrocity: 63 + 50  
  • Something In The Water: 61 + 50  
  • Late and Leaving: 60 + 50  
  • None For Me: 60 + 50  
  • The Only Sin: 60 + 50