Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a hybrid concept. It is a mix of music service, social media and casual game…iTunes meets Twitter meets casual freemium game!

It’s a platform exclusively aimed at the grass roots of the music industry; unsigned and independent artists who produce music and promote their work. It’s a portal for music fans who want to discover & support new music of all genres and have fun playing games with it!

This is the MVP (minimum viable product) of Hotstar, the first version of the game…an extended fully functional Beta test of the concept and as such we welcome all feedback and suggestions at this stage. There are plans to add many more mini games to create an extensive compendium of games, to open up the game play aspect of the concept to all styles of casual game. 

Tell us what you think about Hotstar, what works, what could be tweaked. We have plans to expand into video with a TV channel and we're also opening up the concept to merchandising and service providers…all of which will be linked to game play. The HotStar record company is also on the drawing this space!

What is the object of the game I hear you ask?

For the player, it is to gather a solid Collection of new music, build a solid Roster (10 card playing hand) to drive their music choice to the top of the charts and earn themselves a reputation as a taste maker and forging a reputation as a grass roots music mogul...all acheived by supporting their favourite artists in their quest for chart success.

For the artist, Hotstar is a fair trade concept; we believe that balanced royalty sharing with the artists is essential and can only help to enhance the musical quality of all genres at the grass roots level, leading to a more diverse and interesting mainstream music scene.

The dream is to discover and break new artists into the mainstream music charts. Hotstar gives us and you the opportunity to be part of and share in that process, by supporting and promoting artists' work down the road to success, while making new friends and having fun along the way!

  • Stealin: 60 + 50  
  • Never Good Enough: 5 + 5  
  • Ms Extra Credit: 5 + 5  
  • All We Have: 89 + 50  
  • Running To Your Door: 71 + 50  
  • Electrocity: 63 + 50  
  • Something In The Water: 61 + 50  
  • Late and Leaving: 60 + 50  
  • None For Me: 60 + 50  
  • The Only Sin: 60 + 50